Month: June 2015


DO NOT even ask me how I won something from Subway Restaurants but I did!!! But I have no use for it so I figured I would lure in a new subscriber who happens to be an Avengers Fan – THATS YOU 🙂

So if you kindly would subscribe to my blog: via WordPress, Gravatar, RSS or by email (same link: feedburner, look for the line on the bottom that says subscribe by email in the box with the rss feeds) and then lookout for a verification email. Once verified in my system I will send you the gift I got: 9 AVENGERS DIGITAL WALLPAPERS

OKAY OKAY OKAY I know it is not much but it is something if you are a fan and hey whats the big deal – you get some cool wallpapers and a few more emails in your inbox a month (generally no more than 8) whenever there is an update.  So please let me know if you want to be the FIRST PERSON TO COMMENT ON THIS POST, SUBSCRIBE AND VERIFY THE SUBSCRIPTION Thank you so much for checking me out either way!

Product Review: Aussie Three Minute Miracle

I must be doing something right because right on the heels of the BZzAgent Bridge Lane Wine campaign I got invited to try Aussie Three Minute Miracle.  This is great because anyone who knows me know that I have serious hair problems and therefore I am in a ponytail all day every day lol
I always dreamed I was able to find a product that is easy and fast to use but that gives me lasting results and won’t cost me a hundred bucks.Well with this Aussome opportunity from BzzAgent and Aussie I have found just that!

I have legitimately tried 100 products since I started “doing my own hair”.  Due to my situation growing up my mom and big sister were not readily available to me and I lived with my Dad and Grandma who was in her sixties when I was a teen and is quite old fashioned so I did not have that influence to learn and experiment with styling so I ponytailed most of the time until I started cutting it short or getting perms or dieing it different colors so I could feel somewhat different.  As I matured and then later on settled down in Florida for a few years it was HOT and back to ponytail all of the time, when I was not at work and basically I would wash and have someone straighten or blow dry straight as I could about every two days. Moving back to New York I have pretty much kept that same routine up.  

Well not anymore!!!! Aussie Three Minute Miracle has literally changed my life. I was soooo mad that I did not know about this product which has been out for 20 something years – ughhhhhhh. When I was telling family at the dinner table that I was getting two free bottles from BzzAgent & Aussie my Aunt Jo was the one that told me she has been using it forever.  Like every other thing I have tried I was skeptical going into the first use.  

The bottle was confusing to me at first and I definitely thought it was a terrible concept and it would be all over the shower.But I quickly saw how wrong I was.  So cool and easy to use – no waiting for the product to slide down to the spout. I basically gave it a “normal” squeeze and used whatever amount came out.  Immediately the scent hit me and I was in love – it reminds me of the sand and the sea and citrusy vibe with a coconut sweet richness.  Woking it through my hair I immediately felt it coat all of my hair and smooth it down.  I am a little bit OCD but I’ll call it the need for Science lol – so I had set up a song on my phone to play that was approximately three minutes long and I reached out to press play.  Went about my other shower duties and when it was time to rinse my hair I was definitely a little shocked because I could feel the difference – I mean I was able to actually run my fingers through my hair without getting caught up in knots. I got out and did my normal – wrapped in a towel for a while while I got lotioned up and dressed. After a bit I took the towel off and was amazed at how my hair fell out softly and for the most part was still knot free.  I was able to brush right through my hair with no problems in a fraction of the time it used to take and way less pain than I normally have l lol. So it has been over two months – I use the product 5 days a week and I am still on the first of two bottles I got for FREE.  I am still amazed every day that this product is still working for me that I finally have scheduled a hair cut and style and will be making sure I check some beauty blogs for help in learning how to #DitchTheDrama and finally start doing things with my hair. I will be discovering a whole new side of myself and I cannot wait!!! I’ll post pics of my new do soon so BOLO 


Aussie Hair Products | Aussie
Aussie Hair
aussie – YouTube

Use Snuggle? – Join the Bear Den and become part of Team Snuggle

Opened up tonight’s Freefly’s email and there was freebie: Free Snuggle Bear  

Kinda funny because I just bought Snuggle for the first time in my life on Friday and used it over the weekend and I loveddddd it.  

So I clicked the link and it brought me here:

Turns out it’s a community specifically for the Snuggle Brand and the same format as the Smiley360.Com Community I am part of so I was already a leg up –  basically know how the site works.  Now I get to answer some surveys, update the profile and start interacting with the rest of Team Snuggle in the Bear Den (really love the names) Please feel free to come back and comment if you decide to check it out and/or join.

Current Smiley360 Mission – Nutrition Now MultiVites Woman’s Gummy Vitamins

Current Smiley360 Mission – Nutrition Now MultiVites Woman’s Gummy Vitamins

Here is a preview to my current mission from Smiley360: FREE Nutrition Now Multivites Women’s Gummy Vitamins

Check it out and be on the lookout for all kinds of posts on my social media and in a few weeks a product review 🙂

I  have $1.00 Off Coupons – ask for one if you want to try the product too !