Product Review: Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths


I posted this FREEBIE ALERT a while back and it definitely took a few weeks get here but it was worth it.  First off I love that the packaging is CUSTOMIZED – it made me feel like a truly valued customer when I haven’t even purchased the product yet.  I loved the packaging so much that I never even took a picture of the actual sample pack of wipes. LOL I amaze myself sometimes!

These wipes are different than the ones my family has been using forever.  Most wipes are so wet that I feel like I make the mess – whatever it may be, worse and end up using multiple wipes to get clean. I guess the companies do that on purpose – more wipes per mess equals more packs of wipes purchased.  But with the Cottonelle I did not feel that way at all, in fact I sometimes felt like I could do more with the one wipe that what I originally needed it for.  

But to get serious: everything their site says about the Flushable Cleansing Cloths is true. They are tough enough to get your butt clean or even your hands and face, but gentle to the touch with no raw feeling from the texture of the wipe because they are smooth. Plus they are totally flushable for all types of sewage systems. And you don’t have to worry about a dirty yucky wipe in your bathroom or kitchen garbage pail!  The other awesome thing is the Quick Dry Technology that literally dries as you go along leaving for an all together Fresh out of the Shower clean almost.

Check the Freebie Alert for links to the site and the Free Sample so you can check them out for yourself.  And there are coupons for $1.00 off the wipes if you wanna just take my word for it after reading my review 🙂

As always let me know if you try or buy – thanks for reading!


So Crowdtap is pretty cool because you can participate in the brands you love every month even if there is not a Sample Share available at the time. So since Zep Cleansters was one of the first missions I had and I still to this day use and buy the brand I participate monthly with the Crew 😉

I had got an email from Crowdtap inviting me to create a Zep Spring Cleaning Music Video.  I am not happy with my appearance so I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it.  But I said screw it after a few days thinking about it and having a jingle in my head.  I haphazardly waited until after cleaning the kitty litter to make a video but the tub was still dirty and the kitty litter pan empty so I went with it:

So  I submitted the video and I waited never ever thinking I would win – I never win anything and I didn’t think my video was worth much anyway lol.

But then a few weeks later I get the email that :

You’ve won something from Create a Zep Music Video for a Chance to Win a Spring Cleaning Kit From Zep!!

AND I AM JUST LIKE NO WAYYYYYY, I was one of 15 Grand Prize Winners!!!!!!!!!!!! This is big for me – I took a big leap posting that video for so many reasons

I got a Prize Pack Valued at $50.00 with 4 Full Size Items:

  • Fast 505 Cleaner & Degreaser
  • Heavy Duty Oven & Grill Cleaner
  • Drain Cleaner
  • Stainless Steal Polish

The Drain Cleaner is amazing.  Our shower gets clogged often – two of us shower alot with alot of different products and a lot of shaving lol.  So when we got home from work one day and saw the tub two inches full of my Dad’s morning shower water I got the bottle out – says use half – I used half of half and ten minutes later went back in and Voila – drained, hasn’t clogged again since – that was a month ago. The Fast 505 Cleaner & Degreaser is like the outdoor pumped up version of the All Around Oxy Cleaner & Degreaser.  I use it for caked on mud on the vinyl fence, dog poop oopsies on the wood deck, the pool stairs railing and just about anything else inside or out that needs a tough solvent for a quick clean!!! I haven’t used the Oven/Grill cleaner yet but the Grill was not cleaned after the 4th so I got to get to it – I’ll try to do a video or at least before-during-after pics and post them. I really have no use for the: STAINLESS STEEL POLISH so it is GIVE AWAY TIME!!!!!


Recruit ONE family members or friends to  SUBSCRIBE to my Blog and you will get the Full Size Zep Commercial Stainless Steel Polish AND a Mini Bottle of the Quick Clean Disinfectant!!!


  • Recruit friend or family member to subscribe via any available option, make sure to tell them to check their email to verify the subscription
  • Email me at Ilioness821@gmail.com with your name and the name and email of your recruit
  • Decide when and where you want to meet to get your prize (if you are not local provide a shipping address and I will safely and securely ship it out to you)