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FREEBIE ALERT: Cookbook from Jiffy

I got the Recipe Book along with a nice letter from the Chelsea Milling Company/Jiffy Brand.I love there Cornbread and after getting this I really didn’t know they had so many other items like white, yellow and chocolate cake and pie or pizza crust, I couldn’t believe it.
Here is a link to get one for yourself:
So since they seem like a very sincere company I wrote to them asking if I could get a sample of their Pizza Crust Mix.  You can order online from them but shipping is more than the mixes so I want to be sure I like before I buy.
I will definitely give you all an update as soon as I have one and I will give be trying one of the recipes from the book sometime this week so I will post that in  NEW PAGE that will be created for Recipes stemming from Free Products I receive.
So I sent the email to Jiffy at 10:30 ish Monday and I had a response Tuesday at 8:18 am.  I get why they don’t do samples etc and absolutely appreciate the honesty and quick response, I just wish they could do something about the shipping costs. Hopefully I find what I am looking for where they say.
Hello, Sabrina:
Thank you for visiting our website, and for taking the time to contact us.
We do not offer coupons or samples, use freestanding inserts or advertise on T.V. or in newspapers because we would have to add those costs into our selling price.  Our goal with our “JIFFY” mixes is to provide you, and all our consumers, the very best product at the very best price everyday—we call that “JIFFY”Value. 
Our Pizza Crust Mix has recently been sold in your area by the Walmart Super Center location at 77 Green Acres Rd. in Valley Stream, NY  11581 (516-887-0127).
If you would like a FREE copy of our Hospitality in a “JIFFY” recipe book, please click here to submit a request or to view the electronic version online.
    Calista Pinette
    Consumer Relations
    Chelsea Milling Company
    201 W. North Street
    Chelsea, MI 48118
    O: 734.475.1361, ext. 218
    F: 734.475.4630