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Product Review: Bridge Lane Wine

About a month ago I received an email from BzzAgent (FINALLY) for a new campaign.
After reading the initial email I clicked the button “I Want In” because I was STOKED, I don’t drink much but when I do its wine! BONUS  it’s from Longggg Guuuyyyy LanD (Long Island for those of you who don’t get it) which is nice since I will be supporting local Industry/Business. They have their own farm-winery and prefer to do things their way and I liked them just from reading their story on their website, before I even got my wine. #craftwine #farmtobox
So basically I got 4 bottles of wine in a box, BzzAgent gave me a $30 Coupon, at the end of the day I paid $10.00 for $40.00 worth of wine #GotADiscount

I am no wine connoisseur so please don’t expect a review where I babble about the difference between this wine and that wine or some detailed hob knobby review where I state the hints and notes etc lol, I am doing some research so I can learn for myself so that I can somewhat enlighten those of you reading this that may not have any wine knowledge either.  I am also about to get a small group together to do a day trip to Bridge Lane Wine/Lieb Cellars Tasting Room in either Cutchogue or Mattituck.

I tried the White Blend. I normally drink Pinot Grigio so this was a no brainer as far as choice goes.  I loved the immediate smoothness followed quickly by that bite I am familiar with.  I definitely noticed right away something that reminds me of some type of citrus fruit but not like a regular orange or lemon.  I keep trying to figure it out ( yea that is what I have been telling everyone each time I pour a glass lol)  I really keep getting the aroma of fresh cut grass or fresh herbs or something I don’t know is that a real flavor/sent wine thing? Lol Sorry for my inadequate knowledge !

I really enjoyed the wine and so did others I shared it with, I’ll update this post with some pictures once I get my phone cloud problem thing fixed.  I have a couple I downloaded some early in the campaign and a video too I’m uploading now , it features my Aunt Lisa whom I love dearly and is my go to guru on boxed wine 🙂

Now that my box is almost done I will get over to a few local liquor stores to see if any of them carry Bridge Lane.  That leads me to the next part of the BzzAgent campaign where I talk to owners/managers about carrying the Bridge Lane Wines if they aren’t already.   And thanks to Bridge Lane Wine and BzzAgent for this awesome opportunity 🙂

If you message me I can share a $10.00 off coupon with you through BzzAgent And Facebook so you can try them today!!!


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