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Purchase Reward Freebies: Kellogg’s Family Rewards

Did you ever notice the “Specially Marked Packages” of your favorite Kellogg’s Brands like Pop Tarts, Kellogg’s Cereals, Eggo, Jif & Nutri Grain???

So I started entering my codes to see what is what all about and they have some pretty cool stuff you can earn and I am only one person whom shops for herself so a family of 4 would earn way way more than me for sure.

I have gotten tons of FREE Shutterfly prints, FREE: reusable shopping bag and a          2×3 size magnet and that’s not all – they have a whole online catalog.

Printable coloring and learning pages for kids, dvd’s, Gift Cards, name brand apparel, housewares, fitness accessories and way more. 

So if you are a big buyer of those brands it may be worth it to sign up (so easy – you can just use Facebook or register with name address email) and when it’s time to enter a code it takes 30 seconds.

Here is the link: