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DO NOT even ask me how I won something from Subway Restaurants but I did!!! But I have no use for it so I figured I would lure in a new subscriber who happens to be an Avengers Fan – THATS YOU 🙂

So if you kindly would subscribe to my blog: via WordPress, Gravatar, RSS or by email (same link: feedburner, look for the line on the bottom that says subscribe by email in the box with the rss feeds) and then lookout for a verification email. Once verified in my system I will send you the gift I got: 9 AVENGERS DIGITAL WALLPAPERS

OKAY OKAY OKAY I know it is not much but it is something if you are a fan and hey whats the big deal – you get some cool wallpapers and a few more emails in your inbox a month (generally no more than 8) whenever there is an update.  So please let me know if you want to be the FIRST PERSON TO COMMENT ON THIS POST, SUBSCRIBE AND VERIFY THE SUBSCRIPTION Thank you so much for checking me out either way!