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Product Review: NEW SweeTarts Product

Smiley360 chose me to try for my first mission with them:

SweetTarts Soft & Chewy Ropes  Cherry Punch Flavor 

Formerly Kazoozles which I used to eat but always felt they were a little too hard and it took FOREVER to chew, especially with any kind of dental caps and crowns. Nestle made some changes to the product and gave it a new name. And I am so glad they did…
When you think of Licorice ropes automatically plain old boring Twizzlers come to mind but now there is whole new world of Licorice Ropes.
SweetTarts Soft & Chewy Ropes are just that:
Sweet, Tangy, Soft, Chewy with a delicious cherry punch filling that goes POW in your mouth.  Perfect snack when you want something sweet and tart at the same time.  What is even better is that there are NO Artificial Flavors or Colors!!!
Smiley360 sent me a 4 Pack for myself and and 8 pack to share, needless to say my personal pack was gone in a day, 2 after my lite lunch because I was craving something sweet and chewy and the other two were my midnight snack lol
When sharing with a coworker he ended up eating three, my boss tried one and my pregnant niece ate the rest of them so I would say they were a hit!
Check out the some videos of some of the mission tasks – they are hilarious!
For more info check out: